Program Guidelines

A certified instructor delivers classes, demos, private tuition and workshops.   They are open to any suitable person, provided they are medically fit, are independently mobile and can participate without assistance in the class.  Any participant who has any doubt whether they are medically fit to attend the given event(s) is required to have medical clearance from their doctor before commencing.  In terms of physical exertion, the tai chi or qigong exercises in this program would be similar to walking.

Classes usually last for one hour.  Participants are encouraged to have a rest in between if needed, and always work within their comfort zone.  Participants are required to do a gentle warm-up exercise at the beginning of class and cool-down exercise at the end.  I understand I must wear suitable trainer-like shoes to practice Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibility/Waiver

I have read the Program Guidelines and understand that there is an inherent risk in any exercise activities.  I agree to abide by the rules set out.

In consideration for admission to this class, I hereby:

  • accept full responsibility for, and assume the risk of any injuries sustained because of, my participation in this class or practice of tai chi;
  • release and hold harmless Lee Welch (Tai Chi Globe Academy) and all personnel in association with this classes for any liabilities, injuries and expenses which may arise as a result of participation in this class or practice or lessons involving tai chi.

I confirm I have read and accepted the terms of the Privacy Policy.

I know of no medical reasons why I should not participate in this class.  If I do have any medical reasons why I should not participate in this class, it is my responsibility to obtain a clearance from my doctor before commencing.