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Vision Statement of Welch Wellbeing

“A healed and united humanity through an advanced application of Natural Law principles.”

Humanity is a divided species, from nature and one another.  The division results in stress anxiety and planet-wide destruction.

Through the understanding of inherent principles of nature and the source of all human experience, both humanity and the planet may be brought into balance.

Mission Statement

“Welch Wellbeing help people suffering from stress and anxiety through a range of products and services to deliver effective teaching and communication in the ancient arts of tai chi, qigong, meditation and a new paradigm in the area of mental health.”


Welch Wellbeing delivers a unique blend of tai chi, qigong, meditation and three-principles coaching, locally, nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching their practical application for the benefit of individuals, communities and businesses, it delivers aims to deliver an education platform to illustrate the scientific evidence and the human experience through citations, stories and testimonies.


Certain forms of tai chi and qigong are designed to provide scientifically proven results for specific and general health benefits, made accessible for all ages and most levels of physical ability.  Adapted short-form Tai Chi has been developed by Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute, an international organisation based in Australia.  The Qigong forms have been developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association, formally linked to the British Health Qigong Association (BHQA).  The founder of Welch Wellbeing, I am an Instructor authorised by both the Tai Chi for Health Institute (1 of only 3 in Buckinghamshire) and BHQA (1 of only 2 in Buckinghamshire).


Coaching is delivered as a master of the Three Principles, which fundamentally differs from over 417 other psychological approaches to tackling human problems; it teaches health rather than treating illness.  We all have inner mental good health.  This method of coaching teaches individuals how to access and sustain this health.

Essentially, the Three Principles states we create our own psychological and emotional reality via our thoughts from the inside out, and that fresh thought is available in any given moment.  We are constantly creating new realities although we may not be aware of it.  For people suffering from addictions, mental health issues or repeated unhealthy behaviours, it means they are no longer under the control of powerful emotions associated with past events.


This new understanding in psychology, also known as psycho-spirituality, aligns with notions of ancient Taoist, essentially and in deep detail linked to Tai Chi and Qigong.  Furthermore, both the Three Principles model and Taoism are intimately aligned to little-known ancient ageless wisdom of Natural Law principled, innate in all living experience and not least the human energy body.

The delivery is through 1:1 sessions, local and online classes, group and corporate workshops, both online and offline.

By bringing these three aspects (Tai Chi/Qigong, Three Principles, Natural Law Principles), Welch Wellbeing is uniquely positioned to deliver powerful, natural solutions to a complete spectrum of obstacles; hence it’s our strapline, “Your progress, powered by Nature”


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