We’re Sorry To See You Go!


Dear [contact],

I am sorry you have decided to leave the [us] Community.  Every member means a lot to me and it's with sadness to see you go.  However, I respect your decision and only kindly ask for two things:

  • Your Feedback
    What you have to say may positively change the experience for others.  Is there something you feel could be improved?  Your feedback needn't take much of your time and a quick note by email or phone could make a big positive difference to someone in future.  Perhaps even to you!
  • Further Consideration
    If there was something I could do to change your mind, what it would be?  Discuss this with me or email your suggestion. If you don't ask, you don't receive is my personal philosophy.  I may even be able to meet your request if you reconsider!

If I don't hear back from you and your decision is final, be assured your data will be handled with care and removed in line with our Privacy Policy.  I wish you well for the future and do feel free to come back to us any time.

Kind regards,


Lee Welch

Inner Kingdom Transformational Coach

Tai Chi Globe Academy Instructor