HI, I help people to master feeling peaceful and calm no matter what challenges they face in life.

Did you know that there’s a cutting edge approach to transformation that is taking the world by storm? It helps you to take back control of your emotions, beat stress and develop bulletproof confidence quicker, easier and more effectively than any other model out there?

It also helps you to develop emotional resiliency. To feel calm. Be more productive on the inside, no matter what is going on in your life on the outside.

It’s so powerful, yet so simple. Once you hear it, the trajectory of your life changes forever and those around you will see and feel this more powerful, capable and limitless version of you that you’ve always had inside, waiting to be unleashed.


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Janet Ashworth - Newport Pagnell
Before receiving coaching with Lee, I was feeling low and lacking energy and sense of purpose. I'd tried lots of therapies, some helpful and some not.  Coaching with Lee is positive, productive and a gentle thing to do in order to bring about some movement out of feeling stuck!
Adrian Shepherd
Lee opened my eyes to my full potential. He's a great, down to earth person who took me on a journey of discovery. I'd recommend anyone to give it a go to reach their true potential.
Bob Clayton-Cragg
Bob Clayton-Cragg Author, Artist and Healer
honesty integrity and love for humanity.
Katie Overton
Katie Overton Carer
Lee was very easy to talk to and very understanding. He gave me a different way of looking at things. Calm and kind. I really felt he cared about me.
Margaret Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Tai Chi offers something for everyone and Lee is a great teacher.
Lee's Tai Chi class was an absolutely brilliant session and I loved trying this out with colleagues who I would normally not see. Well done!
Craig Rogers
I was able to think positively with Lee's honest and humble approach. He sees the good in people and helps them to see it in themselves too. Give it a try. People often don't understand themselves and their problems so having coaching really helps to see what they can't.
Jill D Rhondda
Coaching with Lee has left me less fearful of giving something new a try.  It has made me aware of some of the things I need to ask myself e.g. why am I doing this and is it for the right reasons.  I feel much more validated of my own uniqueness.  Also, permission to let my good instincts guide me, whilst not forgetting the things that are hidden and out of awareness.


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